Cemfloor is a BBA Approved, high-performance cement based, free flowing, self-compacting liquid screed and is suitable for a variety of applications.

Cemfloor Therm:

Due to self-compacting properties of Cemfloor Therm, it is specifically designed for use with underfloor heating systems. Cemfloor Therm screed totally encapsulates the underfloor heating pipework and eliminates air voids which ensure optimal heat transfer from the heating pipework to the screed surface.

Cemfloor High Performance concrete:

Cemfloor High Performance concrete (HPC) is specifically formulated self-compacting concrete containing a 10mm aggregate that can be used to create stronger and more durable floor slabs with less shrinkage and increased bay sizes to minimise joints than those constructed with conventional concrete.

Cemfloor Non-Heating:

Cemfloor non-heated is a high-performance cement based,free flowing, self-compacting liquid screed. It can be installed quickly, foot trafficked in 24-48 hours and has minimal drying shrinkage. (<0.05%)


Key Benefits of Cemfloor:

  • Foot traffic after 24/48 hours
  • Larger floor area without joints without joints up to 150m2 unheated, up to 100m2 with under water floor heating.
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity (up to 2.9W/m.k)
  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screed. Only 25mm of screed required above underfloor heating pipes.
  • Can be applied in wet areas.
  • Can be forced dried after 7 days
  • Easy installation; up to 1000m2 per day
  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional screeds

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