Pump screeds and self levelling screeds


We can install all types of floor screeds to suit most requirements. Ranging from as thin as 3mm screeds are to give a level base to support floor finishes such as tiles, vinyl, LVT, carpet, resin and engineered wood.

The screeds can be installed bonded, unbonded, on insulation (floating) and be used with an underfloor heating system.

Screed options

• Cemfloor Liquid Screed

• Anhydrite Liquid Screed

• Traditional Sand/Cement Screed

• Rapid/Quick Drying Screed

• SBR Screed

• Lime Screed

Screed application

CEM floor

Traditional Screeds

Traditional screed

Anhydrite Liquid Screeds


Quick Drying Screeds

Hard wearing pump screed coverings

Giving an extremely hard wearing floor service, pump screeds provide a high performance self smoothing screed compound that is based on the latest polymer and cement technology.

Pump screeds are perfect for commercial applications as they can withstand high levels of traffic and can be left as an overlaying wearing surface or as an underlying layer that can be over coated with a water base epoxy.

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